Marma Polskie Folie - is one of the major producers of horticulture, building and industrial films

Products for horticulture and agriculture
Products for building
Roffing screens
Vapour-permeable membranes DACHOWA
Vapour-permeable films
Vapour - insulation films
Vapour Regulator 110 - wind insulation
Roof accessories
Bucket film IZOFLEX
Izol Bud
Painting films
Tapes For Fastening Building films
Anti - condensation film MLA 135
Nets for scaffoldings
Industrial packaging and films
Technical fabrics and Spunbond Type Nonwovens
Polyolefin nets
Products for building

Insulating-Building films is a group of products for insulation used in buildings. The products of Marma Polskie Folie are used in buildings from foundation to roof. Our offer includes: hydro insulations (Izol Bud films), anti-condensation insulations (anti-condensation controller MPF), and insulations which actively carry of the vapour (highly vapour permeable Dachowa membranes and energetic screens 165 gr, 215 gr and WŁOCHATY).  

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