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Application of films for wrapping different products gives almost unlimited possibilities because of the enormous technological potential in this field. Our products are used in chemical industry (e.g. open or valve sacks), in building materials industry (e.g. flat tube or flat film), food industry (e.g. certified barrier films) and many more. There is a strong connection between this group and the film overprinting and processing department, as it deals with processing film into various kinds of packages. Marma Polskie Folie offers wide overprint possibilities on both our own and external products. Overprint is done by means of flexographic printing technique with all state-of-the-art solutions involved. In consequence, it is possible to make many kinds of graphic design, from simple ones to the most complicated, including bitmap pictures (photographic).


Industrial packaging is a wide spectrum of products with the established position on the world market. It includes: polypropylene sacks used as packages for many products in various industries or container bags (known as BIG-BAGs), among others. BIG-BAGs are primarily used in the distribution system of loose materials, although the scope of their use possibilities is much wider (e.g. sett, ferroalloys).

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