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Joint-stock company Marma is a team of over 800 employees of different professions highly involved and well qualified whose priority is to improve their skills participating in general and specialised courses. Ergonomical posts, safe and fast communication, comfort of a social zone means better effectiveness of work and bigger efficiency bringing decent profit to the company.  Offering good conditions of work Marma attracts professionals which is of great importance considering increasing demand of assembly line service and technological regime.In order to  live up to expectations of customers concerning the quality of delivered films,the company chooses with great care materials and accessories together with their deliverers who, in majority, belong to the top producers of chemical trade. 


The beginning

Since the beginning of its existence, meaning since 1991, the company has been involved with  polyethylene film trade of different applications. In the first period of its work, the company was recognised as FPHU MARMA, and its production considered chosen assortment of gardening and building films together with uncomplicated wrapping films for chemical and glazier's trade. Being aware that on the more and more competitive market only the companies that offer high quality product, wide selection and competitive prices may survive, the board aimed at facing these challenges.
Following this strategy, gradually and systematically the company was being developed starting with personnel and their qualifications through production technology finishing with highly advanced marketing actions.    


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New visual identity of the company

In 1996 the production plant was moved into a purchased and adopted for film production building in Kańczuga. Then,intensified investments in highly advanced machines and new technologies together with further actions concerning exploring the market enabled to expend the assortment, improve the quality of service and above all start competing with the strongest in order to  possess the customers from the whole country.At that time the decision about adjusting the image of the company to its position on the market was taken. A new visual identity and a name of the company. Marma Polish Films was designed and introduced.Constant aspiration to introduce innovations concerning application of films,systematic expending of the assortment, careful selection and training of personnel enabled the company to reach the top position in the country and appear beyond its borders.

Such companies as:Rockwool, ,Paroc,Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnów, Wielkopolski Zwi±zek Ogrodniczy, Organika and many oters gave us a token of appreciation.           



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10th anniversary

In 2001 the company received a certificate confirming the introduction of managing quality system ISO 2001. The same year Marma, under the eye of conservator of monuments, finished the renovation of secessional Villa in Aleje pod Kasztanami where the office of the company is currently located. Its opening and 10th anniversary of the company's existence were celebrated together. Our invitation to the concert and reception in Łańcut Castle was accepted by local authorities, academics from the country and abroad and representatives of numerous firms with whom we were cooperating for years.  



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20 Years of Marma Polskie Folie

20 years of experience, hundreds of trusted partners and thousands of satisfied customers in Poland and in Europe, for whom we provide the best possible products for last two decades. This is our mission. This year Marma Polskie Folie celebrates 20th anniversary of its appearance on the market.

This anniversary is very important for our company. This is the time for recapitulations, reflections and for looking for new opportunities.

In 1991, when Marma was established, the scope of its production contained selected films for horticulture and building industry and basic industrial packages. Even in our wildest dreams we would not think that after 20 years of functioning as Marma Polskie Folie, we would be one of the leaders of plastics industry in Europe who successfully provides products for millions of customers.

The 20-years period of functioning of Marma Polskie Folie is a story of establishing a brand supported on solid foundations. Our company is based on passion and desire to produce hi-technology products of best quality. Considering these as priorities, Marma Polskie Folie has been systematically evolving, increasing its range of activities, cooperating with the best business partners and above all, taking new initiatives and creating innovative products.

It took us only couple of years to extend our business considerably. Moving our production plant to a newly purchased site in Kańczuga in 1996 was a major step in the development of the company. Thanks to this, we could intensify our actions to pursue the image of Marma Polskie Folie as a leader in implementing modern technologies. Only in the last ten years, we were able to build two production floors and one warehouse in Kańczuga. The production plant was equipped with various new appliances and machines, e.g. production and recycling lines, specialized printers, devices for stamping photopolymer plates, pallet wrapping machine, welding machines, laminator or paint mixing room. In addition, we implemented a complex computer system with software enabling integrated administration of the whole company.

Consequently investing in development, Marma Polskie Folie strengthened its position on the European market, which triggered Chempack Kędzierzyn KoĽle in 2003 and Lenko S.A. Bielsko-Biała in 2004 to join MARMA Group.

Today, the trust from our customers together with numerous quality certificates received over the years are the best summary of our long-time experience.

We are aware of the fact that the development of our company and creation of high-quality products are results of hard work of hundreds of our employees , cooperation with contractors providing materials of the consistently highest standard and everyday support of our trusted partners.

Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we would like to say that we appreciate commitment of all our employees, contractors and partners, who contribute to the success of Marma Polskie Folie on a daily basis.

We strongly believe that such effective actions will enable us to follow the chosen direction, realize mutual priorities and maintain the position of one of the leaders in our industry.

Mobilized by our common success, optimistic forecasts and with hope for further intensive development, we are stepping into the future. Our plans involve building new production plant near Bielsko-Biała and purchasing new appliances: line for coating and producing strips and weaving loom, among others. We strongly believe that this is only a beginning that would enable us to spread our wings wider.

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