EU Projects

Operational Program for Development of Eastern Poland

In the years 2012-2015 Marma Polskie Folie Sp. z o.o. implemented the project "Establishment of a Research and Development Center for Plastics Technology". This project was co-financed under the Operational Program Development of Eastern Poland.

This investment project, consisting in the creation of a very modern Research and Development Center for Plastics Technology, through the purchase of laboratory equipment is aimed at the systematic implementation of innovative products based on the results of advanced research and development. The creation of CBR TTS is tantamount to creating favorable conditions for conducting advanced scientific research and development works as well as undertaking difficult research problems by the Applicant. The direct effect of the project implementation is not only the planned implementation of three new products into production, but also by creating our own CBR TTS and equipping it with research equipment and experimental devices, it will be possible to diversify the Company's operations towards the production of films and composite materials that could be found application in new industry sectors, e.g. hygienic, medical, automotive.

The above activities are fully in line with the objectives of the Operational Program Development of Eastern Poland, criteria for its assessment, indicating the need for comprehensive resolution of identified problems. As part of the project, infrastructure was ready for development and fully functional, enabling the development and diffusion of innovative projects, ensuring access to the effects of project implementation for entrepreneurs from various industries.

The value of eligible costs of the project was: PLN 26,345,000.00, and the co-financing value: PLN 13,209,500.00.

Innovative Economy Operational Program

Marma Polskie Folie Sp. z o.o. implements the project "Development and implementation for the production of shape memory film with controlled oxy-biodegrability" co-financed from the P.O.I.G. program measure 1.4-4.1.

This investment project is an extremely important element in the implementation of the company's strategic development plans, aimed at implementing innovative products using the effects of advanced research and development. As a result, a new, innovative product will be launched on the market, expanding the MPF offer in the industrial films - packaging sector.

Despite the important position that the staff of MPF has worked on for years, the Company's Management Board is constantly striving for further development, whose direction is determined by market research and analysis, identifying growing expectations and needs of customers, as well as monitoring changes and new products emerging in the plastics sector. artificial and controlling the requirements set out in Polish and EU legislation to adapt the offer and assortment offered by the company in an adequate manner. The implementation of the project is a response to the identified niche in the production of shape memory films, while striving to create a product that will be harmless to the environment.

The Innovative Economy Program is one of the six national programs of the National Strategic Reference Framework, which is financed from European funds. It is a program addressed primarily to entrepreneurs who intend to implement innovative projects related to research and development, modern technologies, investments of great importance for the economy or the implementation and use of information and communication technologies.