Since 1991, MARMA Polskie Folie has been operating in the market of polyethylene products for various applications - from agricultural and gardening to construction, industrial, chemical, cosmetic, and food sectors. We are one of the largest polymer processors in Europe.

Today, Marma Polskie Folie is a group that includes not only facilities in Kańczuga and Nowa Dęba in Podkarpacie but also Chempack in Kędzierzyn-Koźle since 2003, and Lenko S.A. in Bielsko-Biała since 2004, along with a new facility in Wilkowice. The group is divided into divisions with specific focuses. In Kańczuga, we produce films for agriculture and gardening, including films, laminates, flexographic printing, and modern packaging for the food and chemical industries. In Nowa Dęba, we manufacture roofing membranes; in Kędzierzyn-Koźle, we produce shrink films, self-supporting packaging, vented bags, and polyolefin nets for fences, construction, containers, bird control, and mole protection. In Bielsko-Biała and Wilkowice, we produce fabrics from synthetic fibers used in industries, construction, and gardening, including agricultural nonwovens, shading fabrics, gardening fabrics, and technical textiles. This comprehensive range of products allows us to offer customers everything they need.

Our company is all about the people

We employ around 1000 skilled workers, including specialists in the field of polyethylene technologies, flexographic printing, building insulation, and other areas. We are eager to cooperate with ambitious individuals who are ready to take on new challenges.

We consistently focus on development and environmental protection

We prioritize development and innovation by introducing modern technologies. Our research and development centers and laboratories are constantly working on creating innovative solutions; at the same time, we don't forget about social responsibility and environmental care. Environmental protection is a priority in our strategy. Our plastic products play a crucial role in various aspects of life, such as medicine, aviation, IT, and construction. We are aware that effective recycling is incredibly important for environmental protection. Therefore, we actively collaborate with scientific institutions to develop technologies for recovering materials from our products. Through these initiatives, recycled products can find new applications in consumers' lives.

Achievements and Recognitions

We take pride in the numerous awards and prestigious titles we have received for both our manufacturing activities and our social commitment. In 2018, our company was featured in a report published by the London Stock Exchange as one of the 1000 inspiring European brands. Only 30 companies from Poland made it to this prestigious list, and our enterprise was among them. Another accolade we achieved is the title of Best Managed Companies for achieving outstanding results through the highest management standards. Furthermore, we have been honored with the title of Leader in Social Responsibility, demonstrating our company's integrity, respect for the natural environment, and sensitivity to the needs of local communities.

We are proud to announce that we have also received the Good Company 2021, Good Employer 2021, and Eco Company 2021 certificates for our commitment to responsible business practices. As evidence of ethical business conduct, we were awarded the Quality Mark of Entrepreneurs - Superwiktoria. These are just a few of the many prestigious titles and awards we have garnered.

Dedicated Roofing Website - www.dachowa.com.pl

We have prepared a dedicated website focused on flexible water-resistant materials such as membranes, vapor barriers, and wind barriers. On this website, you will find numerous articles addressing specialized topics related to vapor-permeable roofing membranes (MWK) and advice on proper roofing construction. In the "Busting Myths" section, our experts debunk misinformation about roofing materials that could lead to unnecessary costs and issues during construction or renovation. The "Downloads" section provides instructions and presentations that straightforwardly describe key concepts.

The technical information provided on the website www.dachowa.com.pl is intended for professionals working with roofing, including designers, architects, roofers, construction supervisors, and anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of roofing techniques.

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