7th Zeloty Run Held on December 3, 2024

Friday, 2024-01-26

The VII Zeloty Run has now become a part of history, leaving unforgettable impressions. This year's edition took place in truly winter conditions, which posed a challenge for the organizers. However, it provided immense enjoyment for the participants, who have come to love running in such circumstances.

The competition enjoyed immense popularity - over 300 competitors took to the start, both runners and enthusiasts of Nordic Walking.

In the Open Women's category in the march, the podium was taken by Małgorzata Kubiszyn - 1st place, Wiesława Kubiszyn - 2nd place, and Monika Zimna - 3rd place. Meanwhile, in the Open Men's category, the winners were Piotr Gudz-Kiciński, Jarek Wojtkiewicz, and Tadeusz Kubiszyn, respectively. All winners received commemorative statues and material prizes.

In the 5 km Run in the Open Women's category, the winners were: Katarzyna Albrycht - 1st place, Monika Kuźniar - 2nd place, and Agnieszka Dybka - 3rd place. Among the men, the winners were Szymon Paja, Piotr Paja, and Marek Wołoszyn, respectively. The runners who triumphed in their respective categories received gift vouchers sponsored by Marma Polskie Folie and Millenium Hall in Rzeszów.

All participants of the run who placed in the age categories were awarded material prizes. At the end of the event, about 180 valuable prizes were raffled among all the participants, generously sponsored by Ognisko TKKF 'Sokół' – the main organizer of the event – and the sponsors.

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