Marma Polskie Folie Manaslu Expedition - an expedition to one of the highest peaks in the world

Monday, 2023-09-25

September 3, 2023 , we have started an extraordinary expedition, Marma Polskie Folie – Manaslu Expedition! The team consisting of Łukasz Łagożny and Jarosław Zdanowicz set out to conquer the eighth highest peak on Earth - Manaslu (8163 m above sea level)!

He spends several weeks in the Himalayas, systematically reporting on his struggles.    They did it 𝟮𝟯.𝟬𝟵.𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟯 at. 𝟴:𝟰𝟱 local time 🇳🇵 (5:00 Polish time) without the use of additional oxygen from the cylinder, without the support of high-mountain porters or sherpas!!

We would like to congratulate Łukasz and the entire crew on this extraordinary feat. This is an inspiring example of how willpower and passion can turn dreams into reality.

We are full of joy that we can support such projects and help make dreams come true.

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