We are staying with MARMA Ciarko STS Sanok for another season!

Wednesday, 2023-07-26

Marma Polskie Folie and STS Sanok officially announced the continuation of their cooperation for the new season of the Polish Hockey League. Thanks to the agreement, the band from Sanok will continue to perform under the name "Marma Ciarko STS Sanok". The presence of key personalities associated with both companies at the contract signing ceremony was an expression of strong and solid cooperation between the partners.

The president of the hockey club expressed his satisfaction with the continuation of fruitful cooperation with two trusted partners, emphasizing that the support of Marma Polskie Folie will play a key role in achieving success in the upcoming season of the Polish Hockey League. All parties involved also expressed hope for achieving common goals and building a strong club brand at the national and international level.

Hockey fans and fans of the "Marma Ciarko STS Sanok" team are eagerly awaiting the start of the new season and are sure that thanks to the joint commitment of sponsors and players, the team from Sanok will present itself with even greater enthusiasm, passion and determination on the ice rink.

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