This film is intended for packaging in the automated Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) system. For this reason, commonly used names include "FFS film" or "FFS film". The film is produced by co-extrusion of up to seven layers. Depending on the customer's requirements, the dimensions of the packaging, the color of the film, and other utility functions are selected, e.g., anti-slip additives, UV stabilizer, anti-blocking agents, etc. High-quality printing in flexo HD technology with up to 10 colors can be made according to the customer's wishes.

By implementing the principles of a circular economy, we produce 100% recyclable packaging and can also incorporate recyclates into its production, including PCR (Post Consumer Regranulate).

Benefits for the Customer:

  • The multi-layer nature of PE film increases its strength and tear resistance while maintaining a minimum thickness.
  • The FFS film perfectly protects the goods placed inside against moisture, dirt, and mechanical damage. Hazardous materials can be transported and stored in certified film packaging (UN certificate).
  • Forming the packaging units, filling, and finally sealing them takes place on an automatic packaging line in one operation, saving both the costs of the packaging process and time. The automated packaging system (FFS) eliminates human errors, inconsistent quality, and minimizes process inefficiencies.
  • LDPE film protects the packed goods better against moisture than paper packaging.
  • Due to the homogeneity of the material used (LDPE), the packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • We also offer packaging with recycled materials.
  • We provide assistance in developing print designs and making printing plates.
  • We provide advice on selecting the appropriate film, its dimensions, color, and utility functions tailored to the needs of packaging machines and customer's requirements.



The multi-layer packaging film is used for automated packaging of various goods for many industries. The Form-Fill-Seal System (FFS) is, in short, filling a package formed from film with goods, making transverse and longitudinal welds, and cutting off the finished unit packages. LDPE film packaging is used:

  • In the chemical industry - as an ideal packaging for chemical fertilizers, plant protection products, salt, plastic granulates, and many other chemical substances in loose or granulated form.
  • In the building materials industry for packaging styrofoam, glues, putties, fillers, bitumen, sand, aggregates, etc.
  • In agriculture and horticulture - for packing seeds, mineral fertilizers, garden gravel, substrates and soil, lime, peat, bark, wood chips.
  • As packaging material for animal feed and fodder, litter, and gravel.
  • For packaging fuel materials, including pellets, briquettes, coal, and eco-pea coal.


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