Polyolefin nets

Polyolefin nets are durable, light, non-corrosive; they prove themselves perfect to be used as: fences, protection of trees and shrubs, strengthening of grounds, slopes and earthworks.

The way they are used is almost unlimited and depends on the specific needs of the user. A wide range of nets which can be produced, allows for the selection of the type of net and its mesh size for the appropriate application:

  • to effectively protect the facade of houses and buildings, balconies and terraces against pigeons, magpies and sparrows.
  • to protect fruit trees, plantations of raspberries, blueberries, Kamchatka berries and vines against starlings and other birds.
  • to protect vines and other soft fruits from wasps and other insects.
  • to cover young fruit trees to protect them against wild animals and damages caused by string trimmers.
  • to provide effective protection of lawns against moles and voles.
  • to protect forest nurseries against wild animals.
  • to protect pets against falling out of balconies and terraces.
  • to protect swimming pools and ponds from falling leaves, branches and other contamination, as well as from animals and fish-eating birds.
  • in industry to protect landfills from being blown away by the wind (paper, plastic bags, etc.).
  • for securing the transported cargo in open containers of semi-trailers and railway cars.
  • as a separation layer in the production of paving stones, concrete flagstones and road plates.