Products for horticulture and agriculture

Products for gardening and agriculture are a popular and one of the fundamental categories offered by Marma Polskie Folie. This category encompasses products with various purposes and functions, all united by the goal of protecting plants from harmful external factors and stabilizing growth.

The complete product offering for gardening and agriculture includes:

  • horticultural and agricultural films
  • agrotextiles
  • mulching fabrics
  • pegs, anchors, and stakes for securing to the ground
  • protective hoods and sleeves
  • raschel bags, knitted sleeves
  • root barriers


Why it's worth using agricultural and horticultural films?

Whether you're a farmer or tending to your garden, you undoubtedly want to care for your plants. In both of these cases, the goal can be achieved through the use of agricultural and horticultural films. These films protect young plants from unfavorable conditions—especially ground-level frosts, as well as hail and heavy rainfall—providing them with favorable conditions for growth. Additionally, the films offer protection for your crops against birds and rodents, while also reducing excessive sunlight exposure, preventing rapid moisture loss. Other advantages of agricultural and horticultural films include the creation of a specific microclimate for plants that promotes their development and enables earlier blooming.

Horticultural Films

Horticultural films constitute a product group designed for both professional gardeners and hobbyists who care for their home gardens. Using horticultural films will mitigate the harmful impact of unexpected weather conditions, safeguard against harmful UV radiation, provide appropriate light diffusion, and counteract the growth of detrimental weeds.

Agricultural Films

If you are a farmer, unpredictability is not an option. Agricultural films protect your crops from harmful factors that jeopardize their growth, ensuring abundant harvests. The range of agricultural films encompasses diverse products, from safeguarding against frost and pests to shielding against detrimental UV radiation and providing proper light diffusion. With advancements and top-notch materials, you can be confident that your crops will be secure.

Our offering includes agricultural films of varying thickness and durability, allowing you to find the product that suits your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing Horticultural or Agricultural Films?

Every plant is different, and so are the conditions we should provide to ensure bountiful harvests or aesthetic enjoyment. That's why, when selecting horticultural or agricultural films, it's crucial to contemplate the desired parameters.

So, what should you pay attention to when choosing films for gardening or farming? The most important factors include:

  • Seasonality – Seasonality indicates the number of seasons during which the film will fulfill its tasks. Since modern horticultural and agricultural films often serve complex functions, such as UV protection, they should be used according to their lifespan. Seasonality determines how long a particular film will effectively protect your plants.
  • Durability – This parameter defines the strength of the film and how long it can serve to protect plants. The range of film durability is diverse, so it's essential to consider what specific products you need before making a purchase.
  • Light Transmittance – All plants require light for growth. When selecting films for gardening and farming, remember that durability is not the sole factor. Choose products that allow an appropriate amount of light to pass through, enabling plants to grow efficiently. Also, ensure the chosen film provides even light dispersion, ensuring consistent plant growth across the entire covered area.


Products for horticulture are used by both professionals looking to enhance their yields and enthusiasts who passionately tend to their home gardens; choosing products from Marma Polskie Folie, you can be sure that the results will be astonishing.

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