Protective plant covers made from agricultural nonwoven fabric are an incredibly convenient way to safeguard individual plants. The offered covers are designed to fit plants of various sizes and come with an integrated string to securely fasten the cover onto the plant.

Advantages of using protective plant covers:

- Protection against wind
- Protection against frost
- Protection against accumulated snow

How to use the protective plant cover:

Place the protective cover over plants that require protection. Slide it over the top of the plant and stretch it down to the base. Then, tie the string located at the bottom of the cover. We offer protective covers in various colors and designs.


60x80 cm (3 pieces per package)
80x120 cm (2 pieces per package)
100x160 cm (1 piece per package)

Protective sleeve.

We also recommend a protective sleeve made from agricultural nonwoven fabric. This sleeve offers a convenient way to adjust the material to the size of the protected plant. The protective sleeve is available in widths of 60, 80, and 100 cm.