Technical fabrics and spunbond nonwovens

General-purpose films are a group of products that include:

- black protective films and metalized films with printing - designed for general use in various industries.

- protective films - used for temporary protection of surfaces against dirt and mechanical damage that may occur during processing, transportation, and storage of products.

Polypropylene fabrics, due to our ability to customize weight, width, and color, are offered in a wide range of assortments. We manufacture both coated and uncoated fabrics. These products have a wide spectrum of applications, including furniture production, clothing (for sewing bags, protective garments, containers), construction, and mining.

Spunbond-type nonwovens are modern materials that, at a low cost, allow for solving multiple problems in various industries, continuously expanding their areas of application. They are used as standalone materials, offering low weight with relatively high strength, as well as in compositions with other materials