Technical fabrics and spunbond nonwovens

I. Flat fabrics

Polypropylene and polyethylene fabrics, are produced in a wide range of assortments. Depending on the needs and requirements of our customers, we offer fabrics in widths of 50-327 cm and surface weights of 55-350 g/m2. The use of UV stabilisation significantly increases the resistance of the fabrics to sunlight and extends their service life.

Use in many industries including:

  • mining - for making backfill dams using hydraulic backfill
  • furniture industry - used as carriers of non-woven fabrics, significantly increasing their strength
  • construction - anti-moisture layer in underfloor heating systems, protection and covering of scaffoldings during various construction and repair works, for the production of ridge tapes
  • confectionery - for sewing of household and travelling bags, PP bags and big-bags for packing, transporting and storing of loose products and agricultural produce
Surface mass g/m2 Durability daN
  warp thread
60 55 50
73 55 50
92 75 60
85 75 60
162 150 130
200 185 165



II. Circular fabrics

The fabrics are produced in widths of 2x160cm, 2x170cm, 2x180cm, 2x200 and 2x210cm and a surface weight of 55-225 g/m2. The fabrics are also produced in the option with reinforcements.


  • for confectionery - for sewing big-bags
  • for packaging
  • transportation
  • storage of bulk products and agricultural produce
Surface mass g/m2 Durability daN/5cm
  warp thread
140 120/240* 100
165 135/250* 115
180 155/270* 110
200 170/280* 150
225 160/290* 160