Technical fabrics and spunbond nonwovens

Leno weave fabrics are produced according to customer requirements with a width of up to 327cm and a surface weight ranging from 14-120 g/m2.


  • Furniture: Used, among other things, as reinforcement for polypropylene nonwovens.
  • Construction: Utilized as reinforcement for vapor-permeable films used in roofing, as a reinforcing insert for creating seamless hydroisolating coatings.
  • Packaging: Used as a strengthening layer in packaging materials (films, papers) designed to protect items during transportation and storage.
14 - 120 g/m2
up to 327 cm
Mass g/m2 Durability daN/5cm
  warp weft
25 25 23
33 30 25
65 60 35
100 70 60